Uranus Meditation: Getting it in the End (IV of IV)

Here we come to the end of the Uranian adventure.

First things, Uranus generates a light blue, floating energy related to Mercury. As for sounds, bells, chimes, classical music and shearing of metal seem to be the most common. And the shearing sound is related to the Akashic effects that are universal to the outer planets. Additionally, working with Uranus greatly expands the mental field of the practitioner. Sometime this is referred to as a refinement of the mental body.

The counter balancing energies are Solar and Lunar applied in that order. Solar to burn off all the Akashic grunge that comes with this work and Lunar to bring the mental body back to it’s proper shape and size.

If for any reason, you invoke a negative entity, or develop suicidal ideation/thoughts, immediately invoke Emnasut the first entity of the Sun sphere contained in Franz Bardon’s second book on evocation. The first article gets into all of that: The Trouble with Uranus – SixtySkills

Those are the basics.

As was mentioned in earlier articles, Uranus primarily deals with technology that developed after industrial revolution. Specifically, things like electrical engineering, materials science, computer science and applied mathematics. So, while Mars deals with engineering in general, it tends to focus on things like road building, architecture, and pre-Newtonian physics in an applied environment. Think bridge building without composite or synthetic materials.

One thing that Uranus does not deal with is nuclear weapons. Why this is, is a little unclear. Just so everyone here knows…those are the province of Pluto.

Uranus does deal with one additional topic that is important to discuss. It is the planet of Kabbalah, specifically spoken Kabbalah or Kabbalah as a language. It is literally the home of the universal language. Now this is interesting as the creator of Kabbalah is a Sun sphere entity known as Levum. Why this is broken up this way is unclear, but that is how it works.

The Uranian spirits are not covered in Franz Bardon’s second book on evocation. For this reason, my private practice group had to engage in pathworking in order to come up with the appropriate sigils and spirit names.

Also keep in mind that we approached our exploration of Uranus from the point of learning more Kabbalah. It can most assuredly work for other topics, but remember that when approaching the outer planets, it is very important to have a specific goal. Without a specific focus for the exploration of the outer planets the information gained is typically very diffuse or hard to understand.

In this case, it would be a lot like coming off the street as a non-student, wandering into the back offices of the professors at a major university and asking, “Hey, what’s up?”, without any particular goal in mind. You might find someone willing to talk to you, or more likely, the staff would tell you to bugger off, ask security how the hell you managed to get in and remind them to keep the riffraff out.

Be polite when approaching these spirits, remember to send them home once you stop working with them. Keep esoteric hygiene in mind, wear clean clothes, wash your hands, brush your teeth, burn some incense and the like when engaging the spirits. Entities may not see very well, but oddly their sense of smell is quite acute. And unwashed human bodies stink…Finally, never speak to a spirit until it communicates with you first on the initial encounters with that entity. Never. Some rules are inviolate in the spirit world, and this is one of the big ones.

Run non-dual light for at least ten minutes before starting the meditation. This results in you higher nature being more visible. IF at any point you get a negative sensation from working with the entity, break contact and immediately generate non-dual light, solar energy and vital energy in that order to clean out the connection.

So, what did we find?

First, we encountered two entities, I’ll call them P and D, for our purposes here.

P claimed to be the disincarnate spirit of a Phoenician engineer who designed, and helped to build, the pyramids. Visions of the pyramids, living statues from ancient Geek lore, and, perhaps most importantly, he gave my working group the design to what would become the Living Crystal device.

What we were shown was that the original pyramids were essentially gigantic magical engineering devices powered via Living Crystal technology. We were shown many other things as well that my research group is currently working on.

For those of you unfamiliar with this, it can be found here: The Living Crystal

P was interesting to work with. Not everything he showed us was particularly pleasant. It was apparent from interactions with him that the ancient Phoenicians practiced blood magic of some form, think Mayan human sacrifices, but on a smaller level. Also, as the connection with him strengthened, it became very apparent that the world view of the Phoenicians was very different from that of modern human beings. The further into the astral, and vital, that he was pulled the more pronounced this became.

Let me be clear, he was in no way a negative entity, just an individual who came from a very different world than the one that modern human beings inhabit.

He is a consummate teacher of Kabbalah and a very interesting entity to work with.

The next entity, I’ll call him D, was much more engineering focused and his role was the construction of Kabbalistic devices linked to manifestation of the various Kabbalistic energies.

His personality was a bit more muted for me, but we worked a lot with refining the Living Crystal technology and a specific series of multi-letter combinations in the school of Franz Bardon’s system.

He additionally is a great teacher of Kabbalah and we worked with the letter H when dealing with him quite a bit. This in turn greatly enhanced both the groups, and our personal, ability to see and communicate in the universal language of Kabbalah.

The things we took away from the work with Uranus included the following.

  1. Working with Uranus for two hours a day for 100 days straight should result in an increase in IQ of approximately 20 points. Everyone in the group received a significant boost in cognitive ability while conducting these meditations. This seems to coincide with the idea that Uranus refines the mental body in some way. But there’s a catch and I’ll get to that in a moment.
  2. What we all saw there was awe inspiring. Watching spirits literally speak things into existence via the technology of Kabbalah was an act of pure creation. Terrifying and wonderful at the same time.
  3. The primary side effect of working with Uranian energy is vertigo. All of us had problems with this if we generated the energy too strongly or for too long. This would make performing the 200 hours of work with Uranus in 100 days a very big challenge if not possible in a practical light.
  4. The letter H is the primary energy of the planet. Everyone’s Kabbalahistic clairvoyance took a huge leap forward.
  5. We got what we got as both myself, and my practice partner, were trained engineers. Specifically, we had extensive coursework in electrical engineering. This probably flavored our results. An English major may not have received such a positive welcome. You will need to determine this on your own.

Those were the major points that came from the practice. My upcoming book on the planets will include the names, and sigils, of these entities.

If you want to learn the prerequisites for working with the outer planets, entities, and Kabbalah in general, check out the SixtySkills Master Course at Perseus Arcane Academy here: Master Course (perseusarcaneacademy.com)

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Michael Lamb
Michael Lamb
11 months ago

Very Bold, Rich & detailed Thank You as very few have the energy to match the Father of the Titans, Energy.

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