Kabbalah Course


Kabbalah is the next logical step in the Sixty Skills curriculum. You can see the 18-month foundation curriculum here, this is the Master Course. It takes you from zero experience to magical independence in around 18-months to two years depending on your work ethic.

If you are a student of the Master Course and would like to continue your training within the Sixty Skills curriculum via the Kabbalah course then please get in touch (please include Master Course purchase date and email used). We want to thank you for investing in the master course by providing you with a member’s discount code for the Kabbalah course. Please be aware that there is a small overlap in foundation material between the Master Course and Kabbalah course.

What is Kabbalah?

Franz Bardon’s Kabbalah is a system of three-point meditation, is a universal teaching of great antiquity and depth. Throughout the ages, adepts of every time and place have achieved the highest levels of magical attainment through the understanding of sound, color, number and vibration as embodied in the Kabbalah. It involves working with 27 letters that represent different energies on multiple levels. This Kabbalah serves as an internal system of cultivating personal abilities to harness natural forces, rather than relying on external rituals or entities.

Unlike many ritual magic systems, Franz Bardon’s Kabbalah does not rely on invoking external forces, entities, or drawing power from egregores built up over time. Instead, it focuses entirely on the practitioner cultivating their own inner abilities and tuning into universal forces of nature directly. This makes it a system of personal development and avoiding potential external influences. By gaining mastery internally rather than externally, the practitioner remains self-reliant and in full control. This prevents outside forces from interfering with or redirecting the practitioner’s intentions. Additionally, internal cultivation allows the practitioner to access more pure universal energies, rather than filtered through specific ritual forms or entities. For those seeking a deeply personal and sovereign path of magical development, this internal approach is a key selling point of Bardon’s Kabbalah.

Who is it for?

The most important thing is the wish to learn about and practice Kabbalah as taught by Franz Bardon in his book The Key to the True Kabbalah. All foundation and necessary skills are included within the course, all you need is a quiet place to practice and the discipline to do the work.