Uranian Pleasures and Pain (Uranus Part III of IV)

Hmm Uranus, over the last few posts, I talked about the importance having a goal in mind when working with the planets. In the case of the work my group did, it was the magic of the letters, or Kabbalah as presented by Franz Bardon. I suspect this can be done with any singular goal, but I honestly do not know.

The magic of the letters, or Kabbalah, is unique in that while all planets have their specialty (Mars with pre-industrial engineering and warfare, Venus with sensual love and ecstasy, etc.), the magic of the letters is the unifying force.

Simply put, all the planets have spirits which teach Kabbalah, or the magic of the letters, in terms of the focus of the planet. My group learned many valuable lessons via this process.

And this is how all of that got started: Kabbalistic Letter Practice: What Happens When You Look Behind The Curtains – SixtySkills

First, if you plan to repeat this work, you need to have learned the mother letters for fire, air, water and earth as presented by Franz Bardon. And this is a minimum. Specifically, you need to have put a couple of hundred hours of practice into each letter. Additionally, you need to be able to clearly delineate between the different level of reality the letter is being generated at (vital/etheric, astral, mental and Akashic).

Second, if that isn’t enough you must have control of your own Akasha, and non-dual light, so that you have the ability to send the entities worked with home whether they want to, or not. Access to your own non-dual light is important as this makes sure that your development tracks upon your life’s purpose. Otherwise, you can get up to all kinds of very unproductive shenanigans.

Third, journal the hell out of everything you discover. The vetting process mentioned in the last post is equally critical.

Fourth, I would highly recommend working through all 27 of the primary letters in Franz Bardon’s third book Key to the True Kabbalah. This will allow you to identify all of the forces being generated, and I will get to why that is important in a moment. A few hundred hours with the mother letters followed by about one-hundred hours with each of the others is a good starting point.

Fifth, if you haven’t done much body training your ability to manifest the letter at the level of the astral, and below, will be rather limited. It is a long discussion, but the strength and integration of your ligaments, tendons and fasciae tissue has a direct relationship to how deeply you can manifest these forces.

Following this, I strongly recommend you do some moon/lunar and solar meditation with the expressed desire to learn how to protect yourself form Akashic and extra solar exposure. Emnasut is the entity you need to contact to learn how to protect yourself from these forces and he is a solar angel. You need to work with lunar/moon energy first so you can counter-balance the solar forces, which can be quite harsh. Also, you should also contact Levum, another solar spirit, as he is the creator of Kabbalah in this solar system.

Once these small tasks are accomplished…..then start with the near-earth zone spirits in charge of Kabbalah. These are also known as the heads of the 360 schools that govern all human activity from medicine to leatherworking to, of course, Kabbalah. Go there with the expressed intention to learn Kabbalah, up to and to include, cosmic Kabbalah. Then get ready for a wild ride.

The only difference for someone pursing something other than Kabbalah, say becoming a successful entrepreneur, would be to use a different near earth one spirit. Franz Bardon’s second book on evocation has a list of about 360 of these. I’m sure you will find something that works. These are also known as the heads of the 360 schools that govern all human activity from medicine to leatherworking to, of course, Kabbalah.

This is going to be a multi-year process, so the thing you are looking to learn had better be worth it.

First, begin to work your way through the planets with the intent of mastering their forces. I would advise working with the appropriate Kabbalah spirit. You want to practice for a total of about 100 hours with each planet, exclusive of counterbalancing. This should take about a week each. Take longer if you need. The easiest way to do this is to practice for two hours in the morning using seated practice and then running the energy in the background to tolerance (i.e. free of major side effects) for the next month. That will get you sixty hours of seated practice and the energy running the background will make up the difference. Again, titrate up the exposure. Anything past the moon can be quite harsh. Do this to Saturn. Stop there.

Counterbalance all the planets with lunar energy except Venus and Saturn. Venus you will need to use solar energy, possibly followed by lunar energy. For Saturn you will need to do the same. Always counterbalance Saturnian energy with solar energy. Always. IF you screw this up like I did, you could die. As it stands, I was left flat on my back with my heart pounding at 125 beats for minute overnight. If I had been older, or in worse physical condition, I would not be writing about this now. You are fore warned.

Following this you start over, and you begin to invoke the responsible spirit at the near-earth zone for your topic. In this case, my group contacted Radina a Kabbalah teacher. You then need to build up about 100 hours of practice with each planetary force before moving onto the next. Two hours per day for a month works well.

Past the near-earth zone you may need to engage in pathworking to make contact with a spirit appropriate to your goal. Even for my topic of Kabbalah, the group had to do this with Mars and Saturn, as well all the outer planets, as Bardon’s second book on evocation did not specify these. Journal extensively the whole time. And doing this with, at least, a practice partner, if not a group, is highly advised as the information required can be hard to grasp regardless of your level of clairvoyance and clairsentience.

Again, journal, and vet, everything you learn heavily. Not all spirits are reliable and, at a minimum, what they are telling you may not work in our world even if it does in theirs. Banish immediately with Akasha followed by non-dual light if things go badly or are in any way abusive.

If you accumulate any Akashic grunge or become suicidal in any way, to include random thoughts, immediately invoke Emnasut to clear this out. This is always a risk beginning with Saturn and all the outer planets.

Remember, invocation of Emnasut, the first deity of the Sun sphere, in Bardon’s second book the “Practice of Magical Evocation” solves the suicidal ideation problem quickly. Invoke as needed.

In the next article, I will, finally, discuss what happened with Uranus.

If you want to learn how to do all of this on your own: Curriculum – SixtySkills or you can go straight to the Master Course: Master Course (perseusarcaneacademy.com)

Train hard and be well.

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Michael Lamb
7 months ago

Brilliant and informative Article. Thank You

4 months ago

Hello! Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and details of the methods. I began to practice filling myself with planetary energies. On the first day, after holding the mercurial energy for an hour, I felt like after a good workout in the gym combined with the feeling of a cold. By the seventh day, such side sensations are no longer present. You have often written that the energy of Saturn cannot be allowed into the astral body, but in this practice the energy of Saturn must be allowed into the astral and physical bodies? And please explain, to balance the planets with lunar and solar energy, does this also mean filling your bodies with these energies of the moon/sun? If so, how long should you keep these energies? Thanks again for sharing your experience.

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