Welcome to Sixty Skills: No more kneeling at the feet of the master

All of the primary skills needed to engage any of the various meditative phenomena are available here. If you have the work ethic, then no secrets are necessary.

What is Sixty Skills?

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Discover how to achieve mental clarity and effectively meditate as taught by experienced gurus.


Enhance your yoga practice by uncovering the hidden depths within each posture.


Discover how to truly sense and experience energy, rather than just visualizing it.


Master the art of real magick as taught by renowned magicians like Franz Bardon and learn how to attain what is often only discussed.


With the right techniques and a strong work ethic, anyone can master the art of evocation. Allow us to guide you on your path to success.


Kabbalah unlocks the secrets of the universe. With this knowledge, you can join the select few who can truly co-create. By building a strong foundation and utilizing transmissions, you can reach this level of understanding.

18 Month Curriculum

The Master Course

The Master Course allows you to purchase ALL of the courses in the 18-month curriculum, the reason to do this is to obtain a big saving and secure access to everything you need to take you from zero experience to a level of proficiency where you can generate your own Akasha, have control of the Elements and be magically independent.


Receive clear and concise guidance in all the necessary aspects to achieve magical independence.


Establish a strong foundation with SixtySkills. Our 18-month curriculum prepares you for more advanced training, with magical independence being a prerequisite for further progression.

Common Sense

Our approach is free from traditional constraints, offering a straightforward path to learning without the need for belief in any dogma.

Experience the Living Crystal

The Living Crystal

As real-world engineers and spiritual practitioners, we have created the living crystal, an energy amplifier that helps you focus and discover true reality. Learn More…

Mindfulness Meditation

Attain a calm, focused, and balanced state of being.

Energy Awareness

Amplify and further fine-tune your sensitivity to energy.

Stress Release

Release anxiety and stress & clear chronic energy blocks.

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Initiation and Transmission Events

Universal health, wealth and love energy transmissions. Experience the awesome power of the Three Modern Magi. The original magic of the Egyptians, Phoenicians and Hermeticists of old!

  • Speed Up your progress
  • With transmission higher spheres open up
  • Gain an experience of different energies
  • Follow Sixty Skills in Invoking specific Deities
  • Transmission is like the key to the door
  • Personal experience

How to Transfer your Consciousness into a Grain of Sand

How to Train your Clairvoyance

What are the different types of Magick? Ritual, Internal Power…

How to Practice Mental Wandering

How to Become a Yogi/Magican


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What Our Students Say

Catherine Sinos

Course: The Secret Smile

“This practice is life-changing! Part of my meditation from now on.”

Christian Appia

Course: How to Generate Mental Energy

“Concise & clear with actionable steps to implement all that was discussed. Extremely thankful for resources like this.”

Mario Kulash

Course: Building the Chi Ball: Enhance your Energy Sensitivity

“As an more sentient than visual, finding this course very helpful and as a great add-on to my regular practice. Simplicity and clarity is one of the traits of the instructor and that is something that is hard to find these days. Great material …”

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