The Trouble with Uranus

In 2022, my private meditation group worked on a series of meditations centering on the outer planets. This is what we discovered about Uranus.

And if you want to learn about what kicked all of this off: Kabbalistic Letter Practice: What Happens When You Look Behind The Curtains – SixtySkills

The primary characteristics of Uranus are fairly well known if not exactly understood. First, it is a higher octave of Mercury, which greatly expands the mental body. The primary color of the energy emitted is a light blue, it is associated with elemental air, generates a floating sensation in the body and the sound that occurs with the planet is that of chimes or bells. Additionally, it has a strong undertone of Akasha, or Void, power. As do all of the outer planets.

Now for what is not too commonly known….

The planet mostly works with technology and the universal language (aka Kabbalah). The information to be gained from the planet is governed by a process of reflection. If you have little training in, say, electrical engineering and have never studied Kabbalah as presented by Franz Bardon, then you won’t get much from the planet. The energy of the place needs something to reflect off of to transmit information.

Additionally, as a higher octave planet, you need to have purpose behind coming here. Merely showing up and going, “Sup?”, will result in a very vague and hard to understand interaction. And this has been confirmed by other practitioners who made the trip. Luckily, and completely by accident, my group had made a study of all the planets thru the focus of Franz Bardon’s Kabbalah. Which, oddly, is a unifying threat though all the planets. This may, or may not, have worked if we had attempted the series using a different theme.

Also, working with Uranus comes with some unique difficulties. First off, excess exposure generates headaches and vertigo. In the group’s experience, counterbalancing with the Moon/Luna was of limited utility. I personally, had to suspend all use of spagyrics for about the next year.

The entities encountered were potent and did not seem bound by the limitations of the later pagan gods from sources such as the Greco-Roman pantheon. The entities dwelling here literally didn’t care for mankind one way or another. This gave credence to ancient Greco-Roman warning about the Titans.

Additionally, it was highly suggested that Prometheus was a Uranian being. And his offering of fire to protohumans made us human and in turn was turn was the first technology. He may have done this not out of any love for the hapless simians, but simply to have annoyed his fellow Titans. He was after all a trickster god as well.

The meditations were potent and the first few fairly explosive. I’m not sure what to make of a lot of this. One part technicolor rainbow and one part horror show. While the guiding spirits the group encountered were at least nominally human in the past, it had been a while since they had incarnated.

One such entity was called Pericline. He introduced the group to a micronization of some ancient Egyptian technology that would eventually become the Living Crystal device.

Pericline described himself as one of the designers of the original pyramids and claimed to be Phoenician. His views of the world, and humanity writ large, were almost alien as compared to modern humans and their thought processes. This led to many questions on my end regarding just how much development, or degeneration, had occurred in the human genome in the last several thousand years.

Channeled information of this kind is typically, to be kind, complete bullshit. The amount of New Age drivel, end of the world stupidity, not to mention general crank conspiracy, to come out of this kind of effort is the stuff of legends. So, naturally, everyone thought this was just delusion.

Then two members of the group built their own devices based off the design shown by Pericline….and the damned things worked. Part of this came out of the two group members being trained engineers. I have yet to test this theory in my Kabbalah Zoom class, but I may be able to offer an update in a few weeks once they complete this meditation and have time to reflect.

The Living Crystal device is the first in a four-stage device the group was shown. The devices generate large amounts of mental and some astral energy. The geometry of the devices is critical, and we are just beginning to figure that out. The fourth stage device will require the use of radioisotopes and some kind of formal lab. I can only imagine what the outcome of this will be.

That said, the stage three, and higher, devices are incredibly strong and will only ever be made available to the general public if I can find some way of dummy proofing them. A stage three device I worked on caused surface burns to the fingers of my right hand. Since the devices generate no known frequency of EMF, I’m not exactly sure how to make them safe for general sales. They will be available to advanced practitioners and research labs on a limited basis at some point.

The devices appear to be designed to allow for the manifestation of Kabbalistic energies. It is much easier to pull off most meditative phenomena when practicing in the presence of one of these devices and the size of a practitioner’s mental body is greatly expanded as well. Over time, this increase in size appears to be permanent.

I liken it to using bodyweight exercises for physical development versus using barbells. The added resistance results in much greater development of structure. What this means long term, I do not know.

Pericline indicated that working with a sufficient volume of Uranian energy will permanently increase IQ. So, all of this makes sense in terms of progression and as a higher octave of the classical planet of Mercury.

So, at the end of the day, I traveled to the outer planets, met the Titans, pried a lost magical technology from the hands of a dead god and came home. Not bad for a few months’ work.

The next article will cover my exploration of Neptune.

Promethean fire bitches!

If you want to learn how to do all of this on your own, check out the Master course: Master Course (perseusarcaneacademy.com)

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1 year ago

Amazing! Can you sahre some more Information about the beings you encountered on Uranus? And maybe some connection (if there are more) to the ancient myths?
Keep up the great work!

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