The Outer Planets and Bardon’s Kabbalah

On June 3rd 2023, SixtySkills will give a presentation on the Outer Planets within Bardon’s Kabbalah.

The presentation will cover the esoteric functions of Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and some extra-solar functions as well.

Why the Outer Planets? Traditionally, the meditations of Hermetics involve the classical planets going from the earth out to Saturn. And this has served mankind well for several millennia. However, the development of mankind didn’t end prior to the invention of the telescope.

And this is an important aspect of working with the outer planets. Uranus, and Neptune, in particular appear to deal with aspects of human development post-industrialization.

That said, the cover of Bardon’s third book Key to the True Kabbalah is a bit of an enigma that does not receive enough scrutiny. Why would a book on Kabballah have symbols for the planets, Zodiac and Sephiroth on it when the book proper discusses virtually none of these things? It is peculiar.

Over a three-year period, I worked a small private practice group through all of the primary letters of Bardon’s Kabbalah and all the way out to Saturn. The primary focus of the practice was Kabbalah and the spirits associated with the Kabbalah, or cosmic language, at the level of the planets. Once we got to Saturn, something interesting happened…it kept going.

This resulted in a variety of pathworking efforts that came a little too easily. The group also learned how to emplace the power of the planets directly into the body and wield them exclusively of influence of the intelligences. We also learned how to neutralize with these.

In essence, the human body became a talisman. And that is when things got really interesting.

Along the way, we found out that the functions of these as meditative sources of power are a little different than commonly understood.

The specific functions of the outer planets appear to breakdown in the following manner….

Uranus: a form of elemental air, a further refinement of the mental body, a higher octave of Mercury, the home of engineering post-industrial revolutions (chemical, computer science, electrical and petrochemical engineering), and the realm of genius.

Neptune: a form of elemental water, represents a further refinement of the astral body, a higher octave of Venus, the home of mysticism, celebrity and fame, and the realms of fantasy and delusion. Specifically, the ability to lose oneself in others.

Pluto: has aspects of earth, fire and Akasha, represents a further refinement of the physical body, it can represent a higher octave of the earth, Mars and Saturn, it is the home of the dead, the source of the power of necromancy, the realm of hidden, or lost magics, and, oddly, nuclear power. It is also the stepping off point to extra-solar meditations not associated with the Zodiac or constellations.

The extra-solar realm: home of lost planets, dangerous to navigate, may be used to bring concepts not of our solar system into the popular consciousness (Buddhism and Cthulhu are two such examples) and quite possibly the source of those things that gave birth to the Titans. The inherent energy of this place is damaging to human beings and requires specific forms of protection.

Once we finished the primary series a bunch of other things happened. First, a series of Kabbalistic libraries opened on all of the planets. Turns out all of the planets have their own take on Kabbalah. Next, we learned how to stack the planets and letters to engage in an enhanced effect. It was also made clear that this was only the first half of a four-part process. And then, things got really weird.

A diagram for a magical-Kabbalistic powered device, supposedly based upon some ancient Egyptian technology, was presented to the group. As is the case with most “channeled knowledge” the group took this to simply be fantasy. Until I built one. And it worked. This became the Living Crystal device. More on this can be found here:

Next people in the group developed the ability to vibrate the power of the letters without actively vocalizing. It appears they learned how to activate the power of the letters at the cellular level and the level of the ligament and tendons without uttering a word.

Learning how to use the body as a talisman appears to be contingent upon the amount of ligament and tendon training, or the infamous fasciae as some refer to it, that a practitioner has performed. The more of this highly physical work someone has done the stronger a transmitter of energy they become.

Then suicidal ideation hit half the group.

The rate of suicidal ideation (i.e. people thinking about killing themselves) in those learning these meditations is roughly 50%. It hit fast and it hits hard. Luckily no one died. Counterbalancing with the power of the Sun sphere helped, but invoking the spirit Emnasut, a Sun sphere being, from Bardon’s second book on evocation solved the problem. And it solved it very quickly.

Simply put, you pick up a bunch of energetic grunge working with the powers of these planets, probably due to the distance from the protective power of the Sun, and this creates a very real danger. Keep in mind that Pluto by itself is a planet of the dead and resurrection.

The speaking engagement will cover all of these topics and many more, to include the Magician’s prayer which is the first combined planetary meditation in the series, where the series goes in completion and some pretty cool work explaining how all of this is put together.

If the event is well received, I plan on presenting on the role of the Zodiac in the Kabbalistic meditations next year, the Sephirot the following year, and how it all fits together after that. In my private practice group, we are most of the way through the Zodiac, nebulously referred to as the “Trials of Hercules” in some older texts and will begin working on the Sephirot meditations in a few months.

The event will take place in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania and reservations can be made here: Save the Date! Institute for Hermetic Studies 6th Annual Conference June 2-4, 2023 | (

I look forward to meeting everyone there!

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Daniel Adams
Daniel Adams
11 months ago

Is there anyway to purchase a ticket to stream the event for those of us who cant make it in person?

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