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Good Doggy, Are You Truly Sirius (Sephirot Part 4)?

Last week’s coverage on Daath left with a kind of cliffhanger in the form of Sirius. In a first for the Sephirot meditation series we had to back track a little bit. And this requires some elaboration…

While the series of meditations were performed on the Sephirot from the Akashic level, the group had already worked through all the letters, the planets and the Zodiac constellations. Daath presented a unique challenge in that while it had a constellation associated with it, in this case Sirius, we had not worked with that constellation.

The group had done some exploratory work with constellations outside those of the Zodiac previously. The consensus reached was that the Zodiac functions the way it does as those constellations are beneficial, and safe, to work with for human beings.

Our exploration of the Butterfly Nebula, as an example, had shown us that while it is a useful counterbalance to Saturn it had many limitations. Outside that it caused a variety of problems with weird dreams of giants that ate one another, a world that committed mass suicide and other negative results. Its use as a counterbalance to Saturn came from the fact that it burns much hotter than our Sun and allowed for a significant reduction in time needed to use the Sun as a counterbalance to Saturn. To burn off the lingering effects of Saturn took half as much time with the Butterfly Nebula than with our Sun. As a point of reference.

So, while other constellations can have their uses, those appear to be limited and largely consigned for use in conjunction with other forces. Explore at your own risk.

After some research we settled on the use of a classical sigil for Sirius.

The planets are often mentioned as either Jupiter or Mars. For elements both fire and air. And finally, we settled on a starlight blue color reminiscent of the letter K.

For information on how to get started, check out our coursework: Perseus Arcane Academy

The process of stacking went well, and we performed the obligatory pathworking. The entity identified seemed to be a guide of sorts. Who further elaborated on the yogic exercise introduced upon our initial meditation upon Daath. The main addition was the use of Sirius energy. This did not come across as surprising. What was surprising involved the explanation of its use.

A large portion of what comes next has many corollaries to a variety of New Age information. I have no idea if any of this is accurate, but it was interesting.

The entity went on to explain that human beings were the children of Titans. But we were modified in a specific series of ways. The most notable were greatly reduced magical potential and lifespan. Working with the exercise provided essentially jumpstarts dormant DNA and increases magical potential amongst other things.

The rest of the discussion was what amounted to a history lesson. First off, Sirius is primarily Mars oriented with Jupiter as a secondary. Earth is the opposite. The entity indicated this is why humans build so much infrastructure and are so wealthy. He said that the Titans, while powerful, were ruled by their passions and were extremely unwise. The result of which was that they were eternally going through cycles of ego driven destruction and rebuilding.

The creation of man was an attempt to repair this. He seemed oddly amused by the fact that so many amongst modern humanity had the view of humans as destructive parasites. The riches of Earth and the productivity of man stood out as an amazing surprise to his kind. The corrupted role of self-criticism amongst much of humanity also came as a surprise. He said even the gods are not completely omniscient. He remarked many worlds far worse than ours existed, and that humanity was not the first attempt at rectifying this problem. But he implied it had been the last.

It also seemed to indicate that the Titans were either all dead or had somehow lost their lease on this universe. I was unsure of what to make of that.

Much of what I saw on Sirius seemed to be perfectly preserved, but ultimately abandoned infrastructure that was slowly aging into dust.

I finally wound up at a bowl-shaped meditation site. The letters worked with were K and U. U first followed by K. But it was not the letter K from Bardon’s Kabbalah. It was something specific to Sirius and seemed to have some additional properties that are hard to describe.

The letter U in this case seemed mostly limited to the mental level of existence. This had its typical cleansing and freeing aspects without as much of a draining effect as usual. In this case the draining effect of working with the letter U was not as severe as normal.

The remaining two sessions were largely the same. More exposure to the energy of Sirius took place and the group seemed to be full of what was needed by the end of the third session. This was pronounced enough to the point that group members expressed a lack of desire to visit the place again or work with its forces.

The exercise provided by Daath was to be performed for the rest of the Supernal Triad meditations but would not be performed using the energy of Sirius. The letter K, or simply non-dual light, seemed to work. Group members were very clear that something was happening to them physically. This was not unpleasant. Merely curious.

The major effects were a kind of increased mental acuity, improved physical energy and stamina, as well as a great stillness entering the mind. Whether this came from Sirius proper or as a result of Daath is unclear.

After the Sirius meditations, the group performed one more meditation upon Daath. Aside from an interesting change to everyone’s crown chakra, the only other information provided was that it was time to proceed to Binah.

And that will be the topic of next weeks blog post.

If you missed the beginning of the series, it can be found here: New (i.e. Lucid) Meditating on the Sephirot: Impacting the Causal Realm (Part 1) – SixtySkills

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1 month ago

Great article sixty! It’s fun to tune in, practice and follow along with your journals

1 month ago

Wow! That was a very interesting read.

The description of the origin of man reminded me of the Anunnaki theory.

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