Plumbing the Depths of Pluto: Part One of Two

Pluto is frequently referred to as the land of underworld and the dead. Sometimes the functions of this planet and Saturn get mixed up as well. All of that is true in a manner of speaking.

The energy associated with Pluto is a light grey to silver color. Sensation wise it is a mix of heaviness and a kind of dry warmth. Not really heat as it is not hot. The sounds are hard to both find and identify. Silence on the surface with a background of distant Akashic noise is the best way to describe it.

As to its relationship to the inner planets it is frequently mentioned as being a higher octave of and/or/either Mars and Saturn. It also has a specific relationship to the Earth or at least the near-Earth zone.

Doctrinally, it deals with hidden magics, home of the dead, multi-generational wealth, arts of both rejuvenation/resurrection, acts as a jumping off point to the extra-solar region, necromancy and nuclear weapons. It is also the home of all the egregoric reservoirs of power on Earth. This was a real shock to the group.

Functionally, it causes a further refinement of the vital body. I suspect this is where the thoughts regarding rites of rejuvenation come from. Although in this context it is related to the parable of the Phoenix. So, something needs to die first in order to be reborn. And that is related to the specific danger associated with suicidal ideation/thoughts. Invoke Emnasut the first solar genius from Franz Bardon’s second book on evocation in the event this happens. Re-read the articles on Uranus for more details of this process. Again, that all starts here: The Trouble with Uranus – SixtySkills

Most interestingly, all of the action on Pluto happens underground. While a few structures exist on the surface, they mostly appear to be entry points to the underworld. Even during the first invocation the entire group wound up in either underground rooms or caverns.

Also, most of the entities from Pluto will not give you a sigil to contact them with. They will generally provide a drawing of where to meet them. When I asked one such entity about this, they replied, “Everyone ends up here anyway, so why rush?”

It was also the first time an entity ever told me they had something to do and simply left mid-way through an invocation.

As a curiosity, the man who funded the observatory that eventually found Pluto was literally handing out tickets of some sort to the souls of the recently dead going down what looked like an escalator into the underworld. He had written a bunch of esoteric books when alive, so this probably wasn’t a huge result of spilling the beans on Pluto such as it is.

Underground several things became apparent.

One of these I called the Kabbalah machines. You could simply think of a letter combination, by this I mean any of the half-million possible combinations through the four-letter key and be taken to an apparatus that would generate the energy for you. What was interesting was that the energy would not be generated using the ball above head method to run the energy through you. Instead, the energy would be vibrated at the cellular level within you own body. Very potent and very curious.

To learn the basics of Kabbalah from Franz Bardon’s tradition check out the SixtySkills Master Course, where you can learn the mother letters: Master Course (

Next, I ran into another cavern where you could find small models of all the egregores that had ever existed within the solar system. With these, a practitioner could, in theory reconnect with any system of magic that ever existed. I’d do not know how some of the initiations would work, but there you have it.

The most interesting thing I saw was a small model engine running around in a circle in perpetuity representing the egregoric power of the railroad. I do wonder what could be leveraged from something like that.

A long-term question I had regarding the nature of death and what happens to subtle bodies when they were no longer powered by breath was answered. At one point I would up in a monstrous cavern where untold thousands, maybe millions, of the dead simply stood around in a fugue state. I could walk up to them and essentially recharge what appeared to be the discarded husks of discharged astral bodies. They would animate for a few moments and then go back to sleep. The ancient Greek stories of the dead made a lot more sense after this.

Necromancy had always confused me. It seemed to be a very workable system of magic, but in my experience the astral bodies of the dead essentially discharged whatever breath-based energy they had acquired in life and disappeared. The very loud disagreements between the Buddhists, and the Christians, over reincarnation also confused me in this context. Now I had my answer.

They were both correct. Just incomplete in their explanations.

From what I could tell, the astral body essentially runs out of energy somewhere between a week and forty days after they physical body dies and winds up here. The mental body separates and gets reincarnated into a new astral and physical body.

So, on the one hand you get one life in terms of your astral body. On the other hand, you get multiple lives regarding your mental body. And magicians can seemingly recharge their astral bodies and have them continue to function for some amount of time.

The wisest mechanism for necromancy is to make contact with the spirit of a dead relative and have them work on your behalf. This in turn cleans up multigenerational karma within families and appears to be both the least creepy and most productive way to address the issue. As always, ask the deceased family member if they want to work with you. And honor their wishes on this issue.

I cannot recommend a specific course of study for necromancy, but if someone is aware of one that does not involve any degree of black magic, I would love to hear from you. I am aware of Jason Miller’s materials on this, but cannot work with those for reasons I cannot discuss here. His stuff is fine for those interested. I just personally can’t work with it.

Next time, stay tuned for the second part of working with Pluto.

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Philip Harris-Smith
Philip Harris-Smith
10 months ago

An enjoyable article I look forward to the next.
The colour you ascribe suggests Pluto is part of the Chockmah sephirah rather than Kether which is the usual attribution. In the modern day Pluto is regarded as one of several small planets all at roughly the same distance from the sun, all having similar orbits. When I did work with The Pluto sphere I found 2 things:
1. The collection of planets that include Pluto as a group are related to Kether Sephirah and The overall colour was brilliant white. In terms of the Kircher diagram of Otz Chim it could be that some of this relates to Ain, Ain Soph, Ain Soph Aur as well.
2. I did get a sigil for the Pluto genii I worked with, the condition agreed for this was evocation to the earth sphere rather than I only travelling to the ‘Pluto’ sphere. My purpose at the time with this genii was to gain advice on travelling to an extrasolar sphere and contacting a genii from an extrasolar sphere.

Philip Harris-Smith
Philip Harris-Smith
10 months ago
Reply to  sixtyskills

You are as intuitively incisive as always.
I have started writing a book on a different topic but please forgive me if I give no details it is very early days.

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