Uranus, Moranis, My Anus and Spirits (Part II of III)

Last week’s article on Uranus was well received and raised a lot of questions regarding the spirits involved and their relationship to the Greco-Roman myths warning about Titans.

First, and this is something everyone here should take to heart, never take anything a spirit tells you at face value.


Let me repeat this.

Never take anything a spirit tells you at face value.

The example I use is your dead Uncle Ron, think Ron Burgandy, was an idiot when he was alive. Dying didn’t make him any smarter.

By extension, the only method you have to vet spirits is to see if what they are telling you is true. This is the same due diligence that people apply to their relationships with other human beings. For some odd reason, select groups of people seem to throw this out the window when it applies to things that lack a physical body in our universe.

A word exists for these people.


Do not be one of them.

A great book on the topic by Mark Stavis is “Studies in Poltergeists, Obsession & Possession.”

It can be purchased here: https://amzn.to/3qrkrvC

The book deals with a variety of topics involving spirts, spirit possession and obsession.

And yes, that is an affiliate link…

Okay…rant over….back to our regularly scheduled commentary…

Uranus is the first of the planets past Saturn. As a practical matter it is an air element planet, generates a light blue colored energy, it is a higher octave of Mercury and is highly Akashic in terms of energetics as well. The higher octave aspect means it greatly expands on the power of Mercury. In this case, it massively expands the mental body. Holding the planet, or planetary symbol, above the head will cause this to happen very quickly.

The Akashic nature of the energy generated is fairly universal for every planet that includes Saturn and every planet that follows. Additionally, the protective energy afforded by the Sun is significantly weakened. This results in a fair amount of energetic grunge being developed by practitioners who work with these outer planet forces that have to be purged via exposure to Sun sphere energy. This is not a fast process.

The aforementioned grunge can result in suicidal ideation amongst practitioners and may, in fact, be one of the reasons why the ancients had so many trepidations regarding the Titans and the place where they dwelt. And make no mistake, the post solar region is definitely the home of Titans and at the very least the part of the map marked “beyond here lie dragons.”

I suspect Franz Bardon’s book the “Practice of Magical Evocation” lacks further description of the outer planets in part due to not wanting to encourage people to explore this region due to the risks involved. Also keep in mind the book was published post-mortem, so a lot may have been missing due to errors on the part of whoever assembled the book.

Remember, invocation of Emnasut, the first deity of the Sun sphere, in Bardon’s second book the “Practice of Magical Evocation” solves the suicidal ideation problem quickly. Invoke as needed.

Remember, invocation of Emnasut, the first deity of the Sun sphere, in Bardon’s second book the “Practice of Magical Evocation” solves the suicidal ideation problem quickly. Invoke as needed.

Remember, invocation of Emnasut, the first deity of the Sun sphere, in Bardon’s second book the “Practice of Magical Evocation” solves the suicidal ideation problem quickly. Invoke as needed.

Alright, I said it three times, and bolded it. If you cannot understand the importance of this by now, then is on anyone dumb enough to do this work.

His book can be purchased here as well: https://amzn.to/3OZoARO

The intention behind how you invoke the outer planets is very important and occurred by accident in my private practice group.

Quite frankly, planetary work had never interested me much due to the issue of compulsion, obsession and generally tendency of spirits to manipulate the people that summon them. I had worked through Saturn on my own mainly to develop immunity to the effects of the planets. And then dropped it to focus on the letters.

However, I had just finished working my private practice group through an initiation into all of the letters in Franz Bardon’s third book “Key to the True Kabbalah.” To include the four-letter combinations. And this was apparently really important.

If you want to know about what it is like to work through the letters on your own. Check out my book “Initial Experiences with the Kabbalah.”

It can be found here: https://amzn.to/3X19L3h

If you look at the cover of Franz Bardon’s third book you see this:

Whoever drew this was pointing out that you can stack the letters, the planets, the Zodiac, and what I can only assume to be the Sephirot into one meta-meditation. Written descriptions of the Sephirot support this as they link a Zodiac, planet and letter to each of them.

The fact that this is lost on most people is beyond me, but there you have it.

So, by learning how to generate the four-letter combinations, by extension, you can learn how to do the Sephirot level combinations.

It can be found here: https://amzn.to/3oNKOf3

A student seduced me into initiating everyone into the planets by suggesting we only invoke the Kabbalah spirits. Since I mostly practice Kabbalah, I agreed. This ended up being critical later on.

First, Kabbalah is a unifying theme between the planets. Planets mostly focus on a given set of functions that are generally not related between planets. Kabbalah is universal between them all. They all have a variation on it related to the forces they deal with. It could be said that spirits all specialize in a given form of the letters. They in turn develop a knowledge that is a kilometer deep and a millimeter wide regarding that force.

By learning Kabbalah first, you can identify this force, mimic it and generate it on your own. This greatly changes the nature of the relationship with spirits. It goes from one of dependence in which they have to generate a force for you, to one of learning in which you learn how to generate the forces by watching them do it. They treat you very differently after this. To the degree these things ever respect human beings, once you have your own Akasha and the power of the letters, they approach you very differently.

Next week, I will talk about P and D. These were the two Uranian spirits my group evoked and worked with. And why having Kabbalah as a point of focus for the project became important later on.

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Mark Stavish
Mark Stavish
11 months ago

Thank you very much for the mention. So your readers do not think that you are making this stuff up, here is an essay on the topic with several sources on the theme. And generally speaking, “the gods are scoundrels.”


11 months ago

Nice Post! ๐Ÿ™‚ For me this brings up the question, how do you know, if you encounter an entity, that it is a “real” god or a a spirit or an egregor? If you canยดt trust anything an entity is telling you (for obvious reasons) this makes working with different Pantheons very difficult. How do you approach this things? I noticed you freaquently mention the greeco-roman Pantheon ๐Ÿ™‚

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