Daath as a Doorway

The Dynamic Doorway of Daath/Da’ath (Sephirot Part 3)

Most recently, I performed a series of meditations upon Daath. As those who follow the blog know, the last several months in my personal practice have been dedicated to a series of meditations upon the Sephirot performed at the Akashic, or Void level, of existence.

This has been highly informative on a number of levels and contained many surprises for my private practice group.

A very useful guide to purchase is Paths of Wisdom by John Michael Greer. The group made a habit of reading the passage on the appropriate Sephirot before the first meditations. This was a pathworking session in which we would generate sigils of entities associated with the appropriate Sephirot.

A list of good books to read on meditative practice, to include Paths of Wisdom, writ large can be found here: https://sixtyskills.com/1112-2/

Up through the level of Chesed, the pattern followed was fairly easy to determine. Each Sephirot has a Zodiac sign, planet and element associated with it. These were confirmed in Greer’s book with the exception of the Zodiac. These were then generated at the mental, astral and vital levels of existence respectively. With the Sephirot being generated at the Akashic level.

Daath provided the first major deviation from this pattern. Keep in mind that while Daath often functions as a Sephirot, it is not formally one in the Tree of Life schematic. This becomes critical later on.

Daath is normally associated with Sirius instead of a constellation of the Zodiac and the element of air. Sources also maintain Sirius is very hot. Daath has no formal planetary association, although sometimes it utilizes Saturn. Other sources maintain Sirius is oft mentioned as a combination of Jupiter and Mars. This complicates things if Saturn is used at this point as Binah also uses Saturn.

The group performed the meditation by using Daath in the Akashic, Sirius in the mental and air in the vital.

The entity in question snapped into focus very quickly. Entities of this kind normally have a name to accompany their sigil. Naming an entity is normally important for a variety of issues, not the least of which is being able to contact it again. However, here the entity’s name seemed to reflect more of a function than an identity.

It was not hostile about this point as is the case with evasive, and usually negative spirits, nor was it apathetic as the entities of Pluto demonstrated. This was a valuable point to consider as Daath is the last layer of reality before the Supernal Triad (Binah, Chokmah and Kether). As such, megative manifestations are technically possible, but relatively hard to pull off as Daath is so deep into the Akashic and bordering on the non-dual light realms of the Supernal Triad.

As an aside, the other members in the group all came up with the same entity and virtually identical sigils. This is very uncommon. And this was already leading into the eighth month of practice on this series.

Previously the group had spent a month on each of the other Sephiroth (Malkuth, Yesod, Yod, Netzach, Tipareth, Geburah, and Chesed). This felt to be the minimum needed to complete the work. And each level of development also seemed to be causing some kind of physical change in the practitioners as well. Intriguing, but a topic for another time.

The sensation of entering Daath was much like a key opening a lock. This was, again, very different from all the earlier experiences. This seems to make sense in the context of Daath being a pseudo Sephirot. Most texts freely admit that its place in the Tree of Life is confusing as sometimes it acts like a Sephirot and other times it does not.

The entity walked the group through a series of exercises and provided several useful explanations regarding the role of Daath.

It then did something unusual once again. It recommended, versus directing which is usually the case when someone skips ahead of a preplanned developmental path, to conduct three meditations upon Sirius. The entity implied Sirius would provide context regarding the human condition.

All of this was very much a departure from previous Sephirot level work. Both in the suggestion and in the explicit number of practice sessions required.

For those having a hard time grasping the working methods/vocabulary used here, consider the Master Course at Perseus Arcane Academy.

One of the more unusual aspects of Daath, and the accompanying spirit, was the explanation that it existed as a kind of doorway. It also functioned as a checkpoint in terms of magical development. Essentially, until a practitioner passes this level of development they lack a certain degree of magical maturity. Having passed through this doorway results in a practitioner being completely responsible for, as the entity said, “everything good, and everything bad, that happens from this point is yours. You will be fully aware of the consequences of your actions.”

This appears to gel with the concept of Daath being defined as knowledge. Knowledge in this case has both intellectual and sexual connotations that will be well on display when you perform this series of meditations.

Additionally, the entity implied that as a doorway a month-long period spent on Daath was not needed. This was also a first in the series. It was definitely described as a “once you know, you know” scenario. Pun intended.

The group reflected on this and decided to perform the suggested Sirius meditations and to revisit Daath the following week. I suspect this had at least something to do with past life issues in the group members. At least one had been directly told that they had been here previously. In many ways this felt like a re-vetting ceremony for a member of a guild who had been long absent as opposed to an initiatory event. It was oddly enjoyable.

The idea that someone unprepared would have been turned away, at a minimum, seemed correct. This did not come from a sense of hostility either. Merely that the unprepared would not be allowed to pass. Or perhaps not even be able to make contact in the first place. Again, very curious.

Now for what happened when meditating on Sirius, you’ll need to come back next week.

As per usual, train hard and be well…

In case you missed it, the first article on the Sephirot series can be found here: https://sixtyskills.com/new-i-e-lucid-meditating-on-the-sephirot-impacting-the-causal-realm-part-1/

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