Gobekli Tepi: The Source of Kabbalah?

Truly Meditating on the Sephirot: Role of Ritual in What Comes Next (Part 2)

Last week the blog talked about meditating on the Sephirot and what goes into successfully engaging in that task. This was largely discussed from the standpoint of internal power efforts. As is usually the case with advanced meditative practices, the ritual nature of what comes next needs elaboration.

A big question when engaging the fundamental powers of the universe involves how we do this. How much of this is merely an expression of the structure of the phenomenal world and how much of these result from a ritual approach? Truthfully, no one knows.

Consensual reality provides some insight.

According to Handwiki, “consensual reality describes a type of agreement about what is true… In other words, reality may also be non-consensual, as when one person’s preferred version of reality conflicts with another person’s preferred version of reality.”

Disagreements over what is simply possible have long term effects on how people engage the world…even when they aren’t true.

For example, longevity medicine was purely a fringe effort within medicine as medicine considered the aging process to be unavoidable for most of its existence. Only within the last decade, or so, did the concept of treating aging as a disease become something that could be openly discussed. As a result, little progress on the issue of the root causes of aging took place until recently.

And so, it is with the meditative process.

While SixtySkills takes a largely mechanical view of how to approach these things, that does not discount the ritual nature of what happens. The need to progress from the elemental realms/letters to planets to Zodiac to Sephirot in that specific order is a large part of the last article.

Mechanically speaking this should not matter regarding how the prerequisite skill is developed. Yet it does.

Ritual can be looked at as a series of locks that much be opened in the proper order to engage the phenomena at the end of the series. Open the locks in the wrong order and it does not work.

This is much akin to accessing the tumblers on a safe in the proper order.

Ritual provides access to energy, and information, at a speed that internal power methods often lack.

But it comes with influence and is often exclusionary with regards to who can access it at all.

So again, I ask what is the role of ritual in this effort?

On the one hand Franz Bardon made the effort to remove the Hebrew characters on the graphic used on the cover of his third book Key to the True Kabbalah.


Well, antisemitic behavior was certainly an issue in Europe when the book was published, and it was done so when Czechia was occupied by the Soviets who were no friends to the Jewish people.

But old symbols (the Hebrew characters, Sanskrit, the Chinese written language, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Nordic runes, etc.) all come with highly developed egregores precisely because they are old and have been used for esoteric purposes over a very long period of time. This is also a large source of their power. To ignore this egregoric aspect would be disingenuous.

And of course, the book was entitled Key to the True Kabbalah. The relationship between Jewish mysticism and what Bardon taught was not exactly a secret.

Fieldwork in old Anatolia, and Egypt, revealed something interesting that sheds light on what Bardon meant when he called his third book the Key to the True Kabbalah.

Here is where you can learn all about how to do this as well: Sixty Skills Kabbalah (perseusarcaneacademy.com)

Or is you want to read up on what practicing it is like go here: Kabbalistic Letter Practice: What Happens When You Look Behind the Curtains – SixtySkills

The energetic signatures between the oldest of the Phoenician and Egyptian artifacts were the same. They were also Kabbalistic in nature. Both my senior student and I found this curious.

Learn Kabbalah just like what was used at Gobekli Tepi: https://courses.perseusarcaneacademy.com/b/sixty-skills-kabbalah

Then we went to Gobekli Tepi. This is the oldest series of man-made structure in the known world. So old, they are in the process of re-writing most conventional archaeology. Even more interesting they were intentionally buried several thousand years ago and were only uncovered in the 90’s. As a result, they are intact in a way little in the region is.

Guess what?

The energetic signatures were the same. And insanely strong.

It was genuinely a WTF moment. My head exploded.

So, Bardon gave us a meta system that reflects the oldest of magics practiced by man with a minimum of ritual interference.

But you still need to practice it in the proper order to get the meta effect.


The proper exploitation of Bardon’s Kabbalah appears to be a hybrid system in which significant internal power work is necessary to leverage it at all.

While I’ve met many practitioners of the system over the years most have significant bottlenecks in their ability to access it limited to the mental and Akashic levels.

And even those who lacked this, often had massive energy imbalances caused by one sided practice without appropriate counterbalancing.

Many went on to the planetary level of practice and then generally stopped cold at the Zodiac with none going onto the Sephirot.

This left me very confused. As again Bardon’s book made it clear what was expected.

A large part of those not making it to the next step came from a lack of focus behind their efforts.

At the level of the outer planets, and beyond, if you don’t go there with a purpose the entities are very hard to communicate with and seem largely uninterested in you. As I’ve spoken at length before, my private practice group’s commitment to studying the Kabbalah with the hard to contact spirits seemed to have saved us. This was largely accidental initially.

Yet in ritual, intention is crucial. As many who have explored the role in prayer amplifying faith.

Aside from a desire to learn more Kabbalah, I cannot say definitively that the study of the Kabbalah through the level of the Sephirot has resulting in my changing my lifestyle massively or resulted in career or religious changes.

This leads me in the direction of thinking that the egregoric aspect of what is happening is limited, which is odd for ritual work that is this strong.

Perhaps Bardon was attempting to pass on to modern man a divinely designed system of meditative development free of the traps of the past? I do not know.

But as a hybrid ritual system it is the most curious, and effective, I have found to date.

Follow-on articles will happen over the next year discussing the different spheres of the Sephirot before publishing of the course at the end of the year.

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