The Role of Equanimity

Equilibrium, often referred to as magical equilibrium, is a state of poise and balance achieved through stacking the elements in the body in equal amounts.

When achieved, equilibrium results in the relaxed and poised, yet fully aware state that makes meditative and yogic practice most effective. If working with unstable phenomena, like the planetary energies, or other more ecstatic practices, equilibrium allows a practitioner to ground out those effects when finished working with them. It can also be used to control manic and depressive episodes, if a practitioner can remember to utilize the technique when in those states. Finally, equilibrium has some interesting health related benefits as it essentially acts as a reset button on the nervous system.

For the most part equilibrium is only actively established within the Western meditative traditions. While many of the Asian traditions work with the elements, I’ve never seen the topic of actively establishing equilibrium using the elements discussed or practiced.

Equilibrium is established as follows:

(1) Generate the fire element in the region of the body spanning from the top of the head to the bottom of the throat notch.

(2) Next generate the air element in the region from the bottom of the throat notch to the solar plexus.

(3) Generate the water element from the solar plexus to the top of the hips.

(4) Generate the earth element from the top of the hips to the feet.

(5) Hold the energies in place for a few minutes.

(6) When finished, flush each of the bands followed by the whole body with vital force. If the elements remain in place too long, they tend to cause problems.

Consistent practice tends to result in a well-regulated emotional state and physical disposition. With time it allows a practitioner to more easily separate their mental, or astral, body from their physical body to facilitate out of body travel.

In short, actively working with equilibrium makes everything easier.

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