On the Whole: The Extra Extrasolar Region Plus1

The extrasolar region is a place of a kind of Akasha closely related to dark matter, cosmic Kabbalah libraries, dead planets, the home of the Titans, and rouge stars. a kind of Akasha closely related to dark matter. On a practical basis it can also act as a reservoir of ideas not native to our solar system.

The stepping off to the extrasolar region, but oddly not the Zodiac, happens on the surface of Pluto. This presented an interesting turn of events as all of the Plutonian work to this point happened underground or simply used a surface structure as an entry way to an underground one.

I sat here absorbing Plutonian energy and an entity appeared off to my right. We had a short conversation and he made it clear that he was a guiding spirit to the extra solar realm.

Before we projected into that deep black, he explained that going into this space was dangerous for humans. Our subtle bodies were simply not constructed to survive the forces involved. As a result, explorers either needed to go with an entity that could provide them the required protection or needed to run an appropriate letter combination to provide the needed protection.

In this case, the letter combination was L-U-D. So, it was astral level protection…. sort of. It is one of those combinations that has effects beyond just the proscribed astral level.

Keep in mind that these extrasolar energies are corrosive to both the mind and the body. In the event a problem arises invoke Emnasut upon your return as described in the first Uranus article: The Trouble with Uranus – SixtySkills

The energy of this deep purple infused black was highly Akashic, magnetic, penetrating and oddly cold. Of course, it is a huge place absent of heat and light by definition. It can also be pulled upon to generate large amounts of Akasha, should a practitioner need this. Beware of what this will ultimately do to your vital force and remember to clean everything up afterwards. No point in leaving an open doorway to this place for either yourself or the uninitiated. Clear out with non-dual light and vital force in that order as always.

I strongly suspect the writing s of H.P. Lovecraft, and his resulting insanity, came from an accident projection into the extra solar region without the required protection. Things live out there that cannot exist in our realm. While I think the power of the sun prevents them from manifesting in our solar system wholesale, that does not mean they lack the desire.

And this is where the concept of ideas from the great beyond can be brought into our realm. While the works of Lovecraft may, or may not, be considered a good idea in the long term, they certainly inspired a whole litany of literature.

Two other extrasolar ideas come to mind as well based off of things I observed. One of these is Buddhism and the other veganism.

I’ll comment on Buddhism and leave the vegan issue to its adherents. When younger, I had frequently experienced an alien kind of intelligence when working with some of the Buddhist temples devoted to their higher-level figures. This resulted in a strange aversion to the practice.

Turns out the origins of Buddhism were extra solar. This is not necessarily bad. Keep this in mind. But it is curious. Those interested in exploring this more would need to contact an appropriate guide or learn to run an effective protective letter combination. If you look at Bardon’s second book on evocation, you will find that Hadcu (50th near earth zone teacher, 26 degree of Aries) will be a good place to start.

The largely mental energy created by these things, and their elusive nature, appear to have been the big tip off. They simply cannot get any closer to this world and work best via influence. Again, not necessarily bad. The Akashic nature of some of these beings would also appear to be a big sign of this as well.

I also suspect the tendency of these entities as needing to treat our level of reality as requiring some kind of jailbreak may have something to do with this as well. It is hard to say. Caveat emptor!

The cosmic Kabbalah library was my first stop when working with this region and that makes sense as it had been my primary focus for the last year, or so. The library was hosted inside some kind of protective field and had a living statue of Greek antiquity as its personal guide. My guiding spirit waited outside when I went in. I’m not sure what that meant.

Inside I was introduced to huge texts of rolling scrolls. On the first few visits the living statue explained that I would be unable to read these until I further developed my Kabbalah as it existed in our solar system. Recently after completing the Zodiac series, I returned to the library, and I could read some of these. The letter attributions are different when performed outside our solar system.

I am not sure what the utility of this would be to someone living where human life exists. I was told not to ever generate these forces within our earthly bodies as it would destroy them. Only to do this externally. I guess all of those exercises devoted to building an energy ball external to the body in Bardon’s first book Initiation into Hermetics were important after all for something other than just volting. Lol.

During a separate journey to the extrasolar region with Hadcu, we were hovering over the surface of a dark planet, and he explained that while he could protect me from the radiation that if the dirt from the surface of this place ever entered my body that there would be no possible way to get it out again. It was highly implied that this would be very bad.

As per usual, if you want to learn all about this, check out the SixtySkills Master course, and it can be found here: Master Course (perseusarcaneacademy.com)

Next week, join the blog for more information on extrasolar dead planets, the home of the Titans, rouge stars and a whole lot more.

Train hard and be well.

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