Neptune…God of the seas…king of horses….realm of illusions…home of mysticism…and unity in universal consciousness….

Okay that covers all of the conventional knowledge regarding Neptune.

As this blog is devoted to practical esotericism, what do you really need to know?

First, the color associated with Neptune is actually blue, a very deep blue, energy is what manifests. It is both cold and Akashic in nature. Think, cold, magnetic and penetrating. Sounds are shearing metal, from the Akasha, and that of waves from the water association. That should be enough for the initial invocation using three-part concentration, along with a picture of the planet itself or the alchemical sigil.

The basics of doing all of these things can be found in the SixtySkills Masterclass: Master Course (

Functionally, it operates as a higher octave of both Venus, and this is known, as well as Luna/the moon which is not. The result of which is that is has to be counter balanced with solar energy. This is good practice as well as it burns off the negative aspects associated with the Akashic grunge coming from all of the outer planets.

As per usual, invoke Emnasut (1st genius of the Solar/Sun sphere) from Franz Bardon’s second book on evocation if any suicidal ideation/thoughts arise. Read the prior articles on Uranus if you want more information on this. You can find the first one here: The Trouble with Uranus – SixtySkills

Visions of storms, Neptune himself coming out of the waves, seas at night and nautically themed fantasy scenes were all very common. Neptune coming out of the waves was particularly striking and something I will remember.

Neptune also works to further refine the astral body in the practitioner working with it. It generates the power of glamor and it literally the energy of celebrity. People will think you are famous if you can generate this energy successfully. Equalizing with this energy also defeats all glamours and you see people as they are, not as they wish to be seen.

My working with this first manifested itself while watching an interview with Russell Crowe. He was being Russell Crowe the movie star and everything that involves. Then I turned the Neptune energy on and what did I see…a middle-aged man who was slightly overweight and smoked too much. It was a stunning transformation. And older Lenny Kravitz is an icon of this kind of energy as well.

Working with Neptune really cranks up the magnetic force of your astral body and makes you shine.

Also, this is literally the realm of the mysticism. During our initial pathworking everyone came back with three entities. All of which were different representations of the same entity. The legends of the three faced gods are all true. We had encountered the Muses.

The entity I worked with had three faces: a young girl, a mature woman and a crone.

And pay very close attention to the old tales, and warnings, associated with the Muses. Always bring them a gift in exchange for asking your questions. In this case, non-dual light works well as this is something they either cannot generate or have limited access to.

I’ll call this entity E. E taught Kabbalah, of course, and primarily worked with the letters G and J. The variations on this were profound. Always remember that the planets have their own take on the letters. This is how you get lunar Kabbalah, solar Kabbalah, etc. The letters are still the letters….just different.

While Venus generates a kind of universal attractiveness and pleasant demeanor when properly used, Neptune generates celebrity worship. And it is very noticeable.

The reasons for this are easy to understand. As the outer planets largely deal with the development of man post industrial revolution. Celebrity wasn’t really possible until people had the ability to move at a greater speed than horseback. Prior to train travel being practical it was simply too hard to move around enough to generate a mass following. Look up Franz Listz to see what this looked like. The Rolling Stones had nothing on this guy.

Neptune also deals with dreams, mysticism writ large as well as merging of consciousness with the universal whole.

From a negative standpoint, this is where it gets weird. Drugs, and addiction, are the more well-known negative effects of Neptune. Diva behavior, groupthink and complete delusion are also big. Working with Neptune significantly enhances clairsentience. Almost unpleasantly so, and this makes people who feel differently than you are very hard to be around.

Hollywood behavior is starting to make sense now, right?

It also reduces cognitive capacity. Mechanically speaking, so much of the body’s energy gets diverted to the magnetic aspect of the astral body that the mental body has less to work with. This explains why most celebrities are not known for their intellectual prowess. A practitioner also becomes much more emotionally reactive and empathic.

After working with Uranus, which noticeably enhanced intelligence, this was equally shocking. It makes sense from a perspective of what the outer planets do on the whole regarding the various bodies, but we’ll start to get into that with the next article on Pluto.

Functionally, Neptune squeezes desire to the surface of your awareness, so you can either work on getting rid of that desire or act to make it happen. The higher nature of Pisces and its relationship to Neptune is instructive. And yes, I’ll get to that in a future article.

And if you think the weird sex stuff that came out of Venus was strange…well Neptune if misused can get a whole lot worse.

Yogic practitioners who have visions of being world famous, on major media channels, and hanging out at Paris Fashion Week generally get their visions from Neptune. And everyone here is well aware how all of that usually works out. Being a guru, televangelist and the like is mostly a Neptunian phenomenon as well.

A very interesting side effect of working with Neptune was that no one in my core working group was ever able to completely equalize with it. All the practitioners developed very short fuses, or a propensity to angry outbursts/diva like behavior, when working with this energy. Oddly, we could all run Venus energy for extended periods of time, but Neptune worked best when it was briefly turned on for a specific purpose like doing a show, giving a performance or a speech. And then immediately turning it off.

The next article will deal with Pluto and how all of this fits together. Until next time, train hard and be well.

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