Into the Mystic

People who complete one of the four basic power building systems tend to have lives that border on what most people read in fiction novels.

Over a period of 20 plus years, I’ve had the sometimes pleasure of studying with gurus, saints, cult leaders, martial artists and more. Central and South America, China, northern Thailand, the Great Western Desert of North America, and even the streets of Jerusalem are places I’ve studied and practiced.

Rockets over Baghdad, Christmas in Bethlehem, racing through the streets of Jericho before a major incursion, carrying a sick girl over the Inca trail and more are events that will be forever etched in my mind.

Initiation rites from the more traditional systems are incredible events on a personal level. Running nine miles through a lightning storm in the open desert or watching a student be spontaneously surrounded by wild birds while meditating in the mountains only begin to touch the experiences you’ll have.

At the end of the day, none of this will balance your checkbook or even be something most people will care about let alone understand.

But it will make your life infinitely more worth living.

Find your path. Take up the challenge and nug the work out.

Make love. Make war. Make children. Make your life remarkable.

See all the beauty of the world through your own eyes. So much it makes you cry.

As a teacher once said to me:

“There comes a time in your life when you will know what it is you will do. What it is you will be. A tingling in your spine and a wave of power washes through you. Hold to this. Embrace this. Become this. As a human being you have the power of the gods in your veins, and they envy you. Make them envy you. When you die, do not pass through the heavenly gates with a whimper. Come screaming through with a vitality that is the culmination of all you are. Tomorrow is always there even in death. Today is the moment you are in right now and you will never have it again.”

I’d love to compare notes with you once the fireworks are over and the real work of living begins. Who knows, maybe we’ll even see one another on the other side when it is all over.

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