Initial Experiences with the Kabbalah

After a few years of publishing hell, the book is now available. All about Kabbalah as we practice it.

It may be found at Amazon:

An excerpt from the beginning….

“I am unaware of any special relationship between the English alphabet itself and these forces. As I understand it, the sound of a given letter mirrors that of the force being worked with closely enough that it facilitates contact with that letter. As I address them in this book, the sounds are usually more closely attuned to events in nature. Literally speaking, they are “God levers.” While we ourselves are not gods, we can still interact with these things on a limited basis.

Personally, I found my initial experiences akin to a monkey randomly throwing switches at the control panel of a combined nuclear reactor and airplane while in flight. To aid me, I only had a CliffsNotes® version of the instruction manual available that was an English translation of the original German by Franz Bardon. The translated manual left out a few key details for some unknown reason.”

Detailed experiences from each of the letters is included in the book.

Enjoy and be better than me.

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