Getting Down in Pluto Town: The Deuce

Ultimately what came out of Pluto? For starters, the ability to generate the power of the letters at the level of the cells in the body. Normally harnessing the power of the body’s vital force requires either some form of gross movement, like the throwing exercises / rebounding, or vocalization.

Many ritual systems make extensive use of vocalization as an internal power method to reinforce their egregore powered efforts. What is not often understood is how to do this properly.

When properly vocalized the names of God, manta, and the letters require a vibrating type of sound to be produced. The vibration in turn propagates via the ligaments, tendons and fascia tissue in the body. This generates a rumbling type of sensation as well. On a small scale this results in the conversion of potential energy into kinetic energy in the body. At an energetic level the effects are profound.

The coursework covered in the SixtySkills Master course gives many examples of this: Master Course (

This tends to change the sound from what it is internally presenting as via clairaudience into something very different at the physical level. Another issue is that frequently the human body is not designed to make these internally derived sounds. Functionally, it does not really matter. Just get as close as you can with what you have to work with.

Furthermore, not every situation in life allows for a practitioner to make various rumbling sounds with enough volume to pull this off. Not only does it sound weird, but it makes the practitioner look like a crazy person.

In comes Pluto….

After working with Pluto for about a month my private practice group found that we were all quite a bit stronger energetically without having done anything different in our daily practices. This by itself is unusual.

Through carefully isolating the different subtle bodies and observing them during letter practice, we found that all of us could now vibrate, or something very close to it, without actually vocalizing. This was a profound discovery. How exactly this happens I am not sure. What I can say for certainty is that the Kabbalah machines had something to do with this.

When returning to the Kabbalah machines everyone found that this inner vibratory sensation was being generated with great strength. Why no one noticed this earlier is unclear. Working with Pluto was a new experience, and many aspects of this planet were unknown to the group. It was, and till this day still is, a bit of an overwhelming event whenever I work with Pluto.

As always keep in mind the risks associated with suicidal ideation and the outer planets. Invoke Emnasut the first solar genius from Franz Bardon’s second book on evocation in the event this happens. Re-read the articles on Uranus for more details of this process. Again, that all starts here: The Trouble with Uranus – SixtySkills

As for completely equalizing with Pluto? I’m not sure that is even possible with the outer planets in general. They all seem to further refine their various related subtle bodies. That much is clear. Perhaps it is something that take more than the 100, or so, hours I’ve given each planet to date. Perhaps it is related to the Akashic nature of the energies surrounding them? I really have no idea. And I’ve spent a lot more than that with Neptune and Neptune features prominently in my astrological chart. And it still makes me act like a diva if I run it for more than a few hours at a time.

Then again, does anyone every really equalized with Saturn or the planets in general?

I’m at the point where I can harness the power of these thing fairly effectively as needed for a given effect. But if I work with them exclusively for any real length of time as Mark Rasmus says, “weirdness” arises.

Another result of working with Pluto was the opening of the Kabbalistic libraries fully on all of the other planets. Kabbalah manifests slightly differently when run through one of the planets or the Zodiac for that matter.

For example, what starts as the letter K turns into an off while silent energy when run via Gemini. This is the energetic frequency most people associate with enlightenment. And it appears to be what most of the Buddhist schools generate through ritual. It is in fact the closest thing to non-dual light that can be generated at the mental level. Which is in itself profound. But all of that is for a later discussion.

Pluto also appeared to be a jumping off point for the extra-solar region exclusive of the Zodiac. The surface of Pluto was essentially a crossroads of sorts between our solar system and the rest of the universe.

Much of what was surrounding the planet was hard to see. It was clear that Pluto represented something akin to the last fort at the end of an empire. It existed to collect taxes, work as a gateway and, perhaps most importantly, to keep things out.

The extra solar guide my group met made it very clear that Pluto was the closest it could come to our world. But that is a discussion for the next article as well.

The one area I need to explore further is the role of Pluto as the realm of hidden magics. I suspect the cavern full of egregores has something to do with this. I will caution anyone caring to engage in some free-range mental wandering into Pluto. Not every magical system is worth resurrecting. The blood magic cults of Mesoamerica some to mind.

Karma, amongst other things, does not appear to have a constant value over time. Human beings also change both physically and in other ways. Many practices that are useful in the immediate and harmful in the long term.

Things tend to go away when they are no longer useful. Not many buggy whip manufacturers exist following the widespread adoption of the automobile. Likewise, many of the traditional martial arts are dying as MMA is the superior method in practice today.

One certainty exists in life, everything born eventually dies.

Tune in on Monday for the next article in the series on the extra-solar meditations.

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