Astral Energy: Where Physicality Begins to End

Astral energy, where to start with this one…

The astral level of existence is one in which the sensation of the passage of time is suspended, but the spatial aspects of perception are largely retained. Emotion is sourced from here and it exists as a semi-physical realm of energy for the most part.

Simply put, time doesn’t exist there but things more, or less, look like they do in the physical world.

FYI, some people refer to this energy as qi or prana. Others use vital energy for this. It varies by school

The astral realm contains a kind of buffered, or layered, level of existence.

The near astral, or near-Earth realm as some refer to it, is almost an exact copy of the physical world. However, things do live there that do not live here and under the exact right set of circumstances can manifest, at least visually, for short periods of time. I strongly suspect this is where a lot of the Lochness monster, bigfoot and alien sighting business comes from.

In the far astral the basics of physical geometry begin to break down and things get a little more fluid in terms of their physical expression.

Most of the meditative phenomena regarding the planets, spirits, and New Age quackery in general stem from the astral. Generally, from the standpoint of people projecting their consciousness into that region and observing things. The problem comes from the inability to pin down an exact timeline due to the relative nature of time in the place to begin with. Also, the more ethereal levels of the astral tend to be largely populated by probability fields of experience, many of which will never express themselves in the physical.

On a practical basis anything that is manifested solidly enough at the astral tends to manifest at the physical eventually. The thaumaturgical practice of magic is largely predicated on this law.

However, as a realm subject to energy, emotion, and form it is also subject to the laws of karma. What you reap, you sow.

The most common manifestation physical manifestation of the astral is internal to the human body. Videos of tai chi performers engaging in “swimming in air” are the most common form of this.

How to engage astral energy

First, begin pore breathing using your lower abdomen as the center of concentration and push the energy into a ball held between the hands.

After a few minutes of this hold your breath on the inhale.

With careful observation you will feel a very soft and slight energy cross over the skin and into your core.

This is astral energy. Once you have identified this energy breath it instead of the vital force you had been concentrating on previously.

Now elevate your internal point of focus to your solar plexus.

The first thing you will notice is that everything slows down. A lot. Respiration slows, perception of time warps, talking above a whisper is trying and spending long periods of time just sitting is easy.

At first any attempt to move with this energy will result in losing the sensation. With practice you will be able to move ever so slightly and gradually improve on this.

Working this into a long form is an effective way to build the energy on the near physical level.

When finished purge the energy by going back to vital breathing.

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