An Hour of Practice

Functionally speaking practitioners of the various schools of meditation largely utilize seated, and to a much lesser degree standing, methods of training the energies associated with their systems.

For efforts centered around out of body projection and astral energy effects this is sufficient. However, a better understanding of the four levels of practice represented within Bardon’s system can tailor the methods used more efficiently. For those unfamiliar with Bardon’s work, the four levels are Akashic, mental, astral and material/physical.

Surprisingly, and a bit conveniently, four main methods of working with these energies are commonly used. The most common methods are lying, sitting, standing and moving. Each of these has its own strength regarding the qualitative and quantitative aspects of this kind of work as well.

An hour of practice designed to cover both qualitative and quantitative aspects of a given letter or planet can be broken into 15-minute sections of lying, sitting, standing and moving.

The strengths of each method include:

Lying: Entirely qualitative, mostly used for out of body projection or invocation, provides mostly information and very little power. Can be used to explore all four levels but lacking the effect of gravity upon the body it does not generate power to a meaningful degree.

Sitting: Mostly qualitative and again focuses on out of body projection or invocation, provides more information than power. May also be used for evocation if a practitioner’s posture is sufficiently developed. Mostly involves development of Akashic, mental and to a limited degree astral quantitative elements.

Standing: Mostly quantitative and some qualitative. May be used for out of body projection, but most often is used for invocation and evocation. Mostly involves quantitative, or power, aspects of the Akashic, mental, astral and physical.

Moving: Almost entirely quantitative. Provides power development of all four levels of existence. May also be used for skills development involving invocation.

Learning to generate a given energy takes approximately ten hours of combined practice. The ability to do so with strength takes roughly 100 hours, although many schools recommend 108 hours. Through 100 hours of practice strength with an energy builds rapidly and levels off after that.

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