Akashic energy, otherwise known as ether in Hermetic practice, manifests as a dark purple energy whose primary sensation is a penetrating vibration.

Akashic energy is most often represented in tantric Buddhist iconography as a thin purple line surrounding the body of the Saint being represented.

In practice, Akashic energy usually develops after having worked with the elemental forces for a period of time. In the mind’s eye of the practitioner this is usually seen as a purple color that begins to creep into the elements when being worked with individually or spontaneously after having established equilibrium from stacking the elements properly.

As a singular phenomenon working with Akashic energy is usually exhausting, especially in the beginning.

Akasha is somewhat narcotic in nature in that working with it directly dampens emotional response and masks old injuries as well as latent pain in the body. Its primary function is to act as a medium from which to pull all other energies at a higher than ambient environmental level and to remove desire.

Extensive work with Akasha can result in a practitioner losing track of time and forgetting their attachment to the physical world. Most practitioners using this energy will at some point lose track of their day-to-day life if not reminded to do so by an authority figure in their life. Anecdotally this time period can last from a few weeks to a few months.

Most practitioners only make this mistake once and learn to moderate their use of this force in the future.

On a purely practical level developing proficiency with this force results in mastery of the spirit world as the form of spirit figures is constructed out of a material that is easily dispersed by coming into contact with Akashic forces.

Akasha is also somewhat draining on both vital force as well as sexual energy. Overuse tends to result in premature greying of hair and may decrease ultimate lifespan if efforts to reinforce the body through exercise and diet are not made.

Spontaneous separation of both the astral and mental bodies from the physical body are not uncommon when working extensively with this force in the beginning stages. For this reason, it is recommended that the initial training period with this force only take place in a locked room where no animals, or other people, can come into contact with the practitioner’s body in the event of a spontaneous separation.

Under these conditions accidental contact with a practitioner’s physical form, when the astral body is separated, may result in the death of the practitioner’s physical body due to energetic backlash. The typical cause of death in this event is a heart attack. Events of this nature are where reports of astral travel resulting in the death of a practitioner come from. The most frequent cause is a friend, or family member, attempting to wake the practitioner up after finding them in a comatose state.

Never touch a practitioner while they are meditating for this reason.

Additionally, extensive use of this force tends to result in disinterest in the spouses of married practitioners or those otherwise involved in a long-term relationship. While this may be beneficial to a degree in monastic practitioners, it is something that must be taken into consideration amongst householders.

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