Power Generation Method 2: Heart Centric Awakening

Heart centric awakening – this uses the point in the center of the chest between the nipples and is the foundation of esoteric Mahayana Buddhism, Christianity, some schools of Hermetic practice, Judaism, and some Sufi schools.

During the course of development of this power source the body will sporadically generate waves of energy emitting from the center of the chest. The sensation associated with this largely involves two distinct things: (1) a warm kind of pulsing that passes from the chest down the arms into the hands and (2) a strong sensation of universal love, although this can be more personal if you are focused on an individual or concept.

Gradually, a kind of pressure will form in the center of the chest that gradually increases in strength. This can be unpleasant and painful depending upon the system. If it becomes extremely painful, go to a hospital to rule out a cardiac event (i.e. heart attack), as they are difficult to tell apart in terms of sensation. At a certain point, the pressure in the chest will explode, a variety of internal imagery will occur if your eyes are closed when it happens, and you will have completed this form of development.

Completion of this form of energy development greatly enhances the amount of “juice” a practitioner can channel, and the energy focuses very directly through the hands. Additionally, the energy field surrounding a practitioner becomes substantially larger and is easily felt by others. Empathy on the part of the practitioner is greatly enhanced as well, often to the point of becoming irritating, and can result in spending a lot more time alone.

Several systems of esoteric medicine use this as their primary power source. A very good system can be found in the Buddhist Diamond Palm system as taught by Linhai out of Manhattan. His website is: http://www.sacredjourneys.org/

The primary limitation of practicing exclusively from a heart centric awakening system is that it eventually removes a practitioner’s ability to engage in violence. In a modern first world setting this can be a minor inconvenience. In less developed places this can be a fatal error. The wholesale slaughter of groups exclusively practicing this method are common throughout history.

A secondary limitation is that this system can be hard on the endocrine system and result in a kind of energy dispersion over a very long time period. Without enhancing the production of the lower energy centers the effects of this system can be draining. This is one of the reasons why practitioners of this system stress sexual restraint, or celibacy, as sexual over-activity will be especially draining.

On the plus side, working with the heart center tends to heavily engage the throat center as well and results in most practitioners being on the thin side.

Finally, when you hear members of various religious orders associated with this methodology talk at length about love and peace, keep in mind they have no choice. As the alternatives are denied to them.

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