On Waking Gods Long Dead

Found knowledge is a common theme in esoteric writing. Some random person makes contact with a random entity who proceeds to share various “wisdom of the ages with them.” Most of the time what gets revealed is, well, not very profound, often quite silly and sometimes dangerous to everyone involved.

The common theme here is you have a very sensitive individual, who probably has some degree of clairvoyance and clairaudience, and is largely untrained. The untrained part becomes critical in a moment and is the biggest cause of the problem that is about to unfold.

A lot of things live in the astral. They can live there a very long time. If they were ever worshipped and fed any significant amount of energy, they can subsist in a kind of netherworld existence for millennia. It is also why certain bad ideas can seemingly come back from nowhere after long periods of dormancy, but that is another issue.

So, the story usually starts with this highly sensitive, but clueless, individual doing some drugs in the wrong place at the wrong time. Whatever is lying dormant there has a gateway into this world and since these things are always hungry, and always looking for a way in, the entity makes its move. Depending upon how sensitive and let us be honest here bored/lost in life/looking for meaning, the individual in question is they make contact and consciously recognize this fact or cognitive dissonance kicks in, and the moment gradually fades.

Lacking training the individual has no control of akasha. And so, lacks the ability to prejudicially terminate the conversation if things take a turn for the unpleasant. Additionally, lacking a physical body and having nothing but time on its hands, these things can badger the living hell out of our clueless sensitive until they give in to whatever random craziness the entity has to impart.

Now contrast this with an incident that occurred recently with a student. The individual in question was in southern Turkey and took a day trip out to what had been a Temple of Leto. Leto was a Grecco-Roman goddess considered the mother of Apollo and Artemisia. The entity in question was actually an earth mother goddess of some kind that was taken over by the Greeks, and Romans, and probably dates back to at least the Phoenicians. She’s been around a long time.

Sometime before the 7th century AD, this temple was eventually destroyed. The entity in question probably hadn’t been fed in a good 1300 years or so.

The student goes out. Sits down and projects into the temple. Contact is almost immediately made. The entity wants to be worshipped and loved. Over a millennia later and it is still there. He bids the entity farewell and shoots it a little non-dual light for its trouble. Then he closes out the connection with akasha.

Granted it had been well fed on this site for probably a good thousand-year period before that, maybe more. A few days later a chance coincidence results in some information coming the student’s way governing relationships with a certain kind of difficult family member. That was the total of the interaction.

Another friend who was there at the same time gave the entity a single hair as a parting gift. It had requested a blood sacrifice. The following night he had a dream in which a pimp and two prostitutes came in through the window of his hotel room. He asked them to leave. Later on, the pimp came back and tried to sell him a pistol. He asked the pimp to leave. Then he woke up and cleared out the whole thing with akasha and non-dual light. He had been practicing celibacy for about two years at that point. I suspect the mother goddess was making the point that he had been taking things a little too far.

In both cases, the encounter stopped and started under the control of the, well trained, practitioners. Contrast this with the way some of the crazier cults in recent times got started.

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